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KSSSK Inc has been driving the success of our clients, consultants, and employees with world-class Technology Staffing services and Consulting services. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and consultants intimately to provide the right placements and establish long-term relationships. Our growing team of hundreds of technically talented and highly-driven IT consultants support, build and execute a wide range of technology staffing and business solutions.


Who We Are

We provide realtime data analytics & data solutions

KSSSK Inc are industry leaders with extensive background in technology, staffing, and training. With competence and integrity, KSSSK Inc has been offering their services to a variety of sectors. In addition to focusing on offering staffing and technological solutions, KSSSK Inc also has its own set of corporate values that set it apart from other businesses in this competitive marketplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maximize human talent and potential, inform, educate, and inspire individuals to achieve their professional goals, and to create a work environment that challenges and supports people.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help businesses partner with Development and staffing solutions to achieve next-generation level digitalization that keeps them ready for challenges and opportunities in the future.

Our Technology


KSSSK Inc has been successfully providing IT staffing solutions to a number of businesses and has established its reputation as the vendor that can provide the right staffing per clients’ requirements. KSSSK Inc team of experienced recruiters strives to maintain strong relationships .


KSSSK Inc Technologies has developed strong areas of expertise that have propelled our clients in various industries to the leading edge of technology. We balance that foundation with imminent technologies allowing clients to achieve performance improvement quickly at all levels.


KSSSK Inc Offshore Development Center offers cost-effective services to companies that outsource their product development. Our team generally focuses on Rapid Product Development that allows us to meet our client’s “Time to Market” conditions. Thus, making us an ideal choice for extensive offshore product development.

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We provide best in class Training, Development and Staffing solutions. KSSSK Inc have been a leading IT development company globally. We have a good clientele and are Development Partners of Leading Companies. We have a vivid experience in different Domains like Financial Services, Healthcare, Digital Services, Cloud Services, IT services 

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